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Why Choose Us?

100% customer Satisfaction

We believe that the customer is right, and we strive to make every business transaction as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We work with you to smooth out any hiccups and we do it with a smile, because along with providing high quality products, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Quick Shipments

We know what it’s like to wait for package, so when an order hits our desk we get it out the door and on the road in the shortest amount of time possible.

Quality Products

When you put money on the counter you would like to get what you pay for, but here you get more. All of our equipment from our cutting edge LED grow lights to simple rope ratchets has quality built into it.
Happy Customers
  • Bought two of the UFO led grow lites and was able to veg out a 16 x 16 foot space with just one of them, i was like wat! one of the best things ive done for my veg room especially with these crazy electricity costs
    D Alvarez
  • Picked up 30 sets from these guys, when I got there they had people load up the goods for me and took care of everything every step of the way. Big ups to New and Used!
    Robert Z.
  • i got the hook-up from my man chris. picked up these SICK!! leds, dont listen to the haters i can grow buds the size of arm with these!!!
    210 Tony
  • needed some nutrients and coco and got it from my main man Chris of course, he's the only guy that stocks nutrifield and since ive started using it my plants have never been so healthy and the buds have never been so big, thats whats up!!
    J. Blaze
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